Now it’s time to earn cash rewards Znap introduces Znapay, a brand new way to earn cash rewards every time you use Znap to pay for a purchase. From restaurants to clothing and apparel, you can earn cash rewards at UAE local stores simply by linking your card and paying with Znapay. Once your card is connected, you’re ready to use Znapay! Explore the participating retailers where you’d like to shop. Select the retailer where you’re shopping and enter the amount of your purchase. Once, you confirm your checkout amount, you’ll get instant cash rewards on your entire purchase.

Interestingly, you can also redeem the voucher and pay the pending amount with Znapay at the checkout. Savings is easier than ever!!


Select Store

Scan / Select the store, check offer timings & click on the ‘Pay Bill’ button


Enter Bill Amount

Enter bill amount from store purchase


Make Payment

Pay with StoreCash, ZnapCash, credit or debit card


Earn Cash

Earn StoreCash immediately after payment