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Znap Offers to grow your business


Boosting Business with Vouchers

Announcement with Znap about voucher availability which gives cash rewards to customers can help to increase voucher sales and promote your brand.
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Secure Payments with Znapay

Create a payments strategy that enhances the consumer experience and drives loyalty when integrated rewards management into the payment and checkout process.
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Upload Bills

Generate leads - reach out to thousands of potential customers. Set up your own cash rewards loyalty program and retain your customers.
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Video promotions of products & brands

Tell your brand stories with the Znap rewards program to increase your conversion rate and reach to your customers effectively.
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Store & shelf promotions with product scans

Enable customers to try your product and experience your brand which creates the point-of-purchase at the retailer.
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Brand promotions with Quizzes

Take the advantage of promotional contests to engage with your audience and get them involved with your content.
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Znap Benefits

Increase Foot Falls

Rewarding customers is a great way of enticing them into your shop, and building brand awareness

Increase impressions

Improve your brand visibility that can be a driving force in catching the eye of your customers.


Rewards help retain your customers while enhancing the customer’s experience.


Attract and reach out the new and loyal customers by offering them the best cashback rates.

Data & Insights

Make use of Znap’s statistical analyses to know customer trends, behaviour and habits.

Ad Placements

Give your brands a boost and connect with more customers in your new / seasonal products.


Select a program that best suits your goal, from increasing sales to trying your product.


An opportunity to interact with your customers directly and increase your brand engagement in a sustainable fashion.

Drive Sales

Znap offers a creative way to drive sales and increase footfalls at the store.


Customizable package built for your brand. No hidden fees. No set up costs. Just Results.


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