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Kulfilicious - UAE


Kulfilicious Traditionally sold in the carts of the "kulfiwallahs" in kone shaped moulds and earthen 'matka' pots on the atmospheric streets in the towns of India, KULFILICIOUS brings the ubiquitous regal dessert to the people of the UAE, prepared with that same royal finesse cusine exotic imperial ingredients such as rose , cardamom, and saffron. 

So step into the recreated kulfizoneto live that nostalgia of childhood once again and return with just one thought - "Simply kulfilicious !!" To the people of the sub continent - the kulfi -street aims to conjure up delicate memories of subtle nutty flavours, enjoyed chatting with friends on a nostalgic street corner. And to the new corner , we hope to inspire and open your taste buds to the mysteries of the East !

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