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Bespoke Beauty Studio

Bespoke Beauty Studio

Location Financial Centre, Dubai

Beauty Extension, Nail Bar, Hair Care, Facial, Waxing


Bespoke Beauty Studio opens doors to many more radiant possibilities in Dubai. From radiant hair colors to ecstatic nails and glowing skin, Bespoke is offering beauty from your roots to your soul in an urban chic environment. Everything from the art on our walls to the music in our speakers and the bespoke service we offer are meant to cultivate diversity, creativity and independence in the women of today.

Znapay / Cashback


Earn 40% Cashback

Upto AED 500

06 PM - 10 PM



AED 30

Earn 30% Cashback upto AED 300


AED 25

Earn 25% Cashback upto AED 125


AED 20

Earn 20% Cashback upto AED 50


AED 15

Earn 15% Cashback upto AED 15